Our faculty — which includes psychologists, physicians, chaplains, and specialists in expressive arts therapy, body therapy, and multi-cultural counseling—collaborates with the visiting practitioners to create a curriculum that reflects their unique cultural experience. Our training process, which encourages students to adapt, elaborate, or discard the theories and practices we present, empowers them to create flexible approaches to trauma treatment that can be adapted to the unique needs encountered in their home countries. This creative process also provides a model by which they can collaborate with and empower other practitioners in their home countries.

Dr. John R. Van Eenwyk

Dr. John R. Van Eenwyk received his PhD in religion and psychological studies from the University of Chicago.  A clinical psychologist and Training Analyst with the Pacific Northwest Society of Jungian Analysts, he maintains a private practice in Jungian Analysis in Olympia, Washington.  He is also an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and a Clinical Instructor at the University of Washington School of Medicine. The author of Archetypes and Strange Attractors: The Chaotic World of Symbols, and Clinical Chaos: The Strange Attractors of Childhood Trauma, he publishes widely and lectures internationally* on both Jungian psychology and the treatment of torture survivors. 

*Bosnia, Canada, England, Costa Rica, Croatia, Gaza, India, The Netherlands, The Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Dr. Van Eenwyk can be reached at: jrv@u.washington.edu

Clinical Director
Dr. John Van Eenwyk, Ph.D
Cognitive Faculty
Dr. Gregg Doris PsyD
Dr. Steve Langer PhD
Dr. John Van Eenwyk PhD
Sonja Wentz MA LMHC
Marsha Zaritsky MA LMHC
Emergency Medicine
Dr. Joe Pellicer MD
Expressive Arts
Joanne Osband MA ATR
Sarah Tavis MFA
Kirk Erickson
Pastoral Faculty
Muhammad Ayub, MD
Howard Schwartz, PhD
Rabbi Seth Goldstein
Dr. John Van Eenwyk PhD
Pyschophysiological Treatment
Dr. Helen Scott CMT LMP LMT MTH PhD
Dagmar Grohe
Dr. Leticia Nieto PsyD

Dr. Greg Doris

I received my Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degree with special proficiency in behavioral medicine from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1993.   Postdoctoral training was obtained at the University of Washington Multidisciplinary Pain Center.  Since 1990, I have specialized in cognitive behavioral treatment of chronic pain, primarily in multidisciplinary treatment programs. In 1994 I left the UW pain center to establish and direct a multidisciplinary chronic pain management program in Vancouver, B.C. In 1996 the treatment team members incorporated to found IMS Injury Management Solutions.  A lifelong search for meaning and spirituality led, in 1988, to a regular practice of mindfulness meditation with a group of like-minded graduate students. In addition to our weekly meditations, I also attended extended meditation retreats 9-day meditation retreats at the Insight Meditation Societyin Barre, MA and in 1997 a 10-day meditation retreat at Suan Mokkh, Thailand among other retreats.   

Current practice   

Over the years, my treatment approach with chronic pain patients increasingly included techniques and skills I learned through mindfulness training.  I have been gratified to see clinical research studies validating these treatment approaches in the emerging field of mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Mindfulness training now provides the foundation for my clinical work with chronic pain patients as well as people experiencing depression, grief and anxiety. I feel blessed to do teach as a profession that which I find so personally fulfilling. For more information see Gregs website.

Dr. Stephen Langer

Stephen is clinical psychologist who has been in private practice in Olympia since 1984 and teaches mental health professionals advanced psychotherapy skills through the Northwest Brief Therapy TrainingCenter. He has presented a number of papers at international conferences on the treatment of trauma and applications of solution-focused therapy with various populations. He is active in the community with environmental and political issues.

For more information about Dr. Langer go to the Northwest Brief Therapy Tranining Center website. 

Sonja Wentz

Sonja is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice specializing in anxiety disorders. She works with children and adults and utilizes a variety of treatment modalities including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR).

Marsha Zaritsky MA, LMHC

Marsha is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice specializing in trauma recovery. She works with children and adults, individuals and family.  She utilizes a variety of modalities, which includes EMDR, psychodynamic, play and sand tray therapy with children and Internal Family Systems (IFS). Marsha has received extensive training in IFS Therapy. IFS is a holistic therapy method used to work with individuals. IFS therapy has a belief that every person has a core self that contains the needed qualities for healing.   When working with a client utilizing IFS Therapy the goal is to differentiate the Self from their parts/emotions, allowing Self to help and heal parts that have had to take on extreme roles and emotions.

Marsha also does animal assisted therapy with her Sheltie, Chloe.  Chloe assists Marsha with her work with children and they volunteer together at Saint Peter’s Hospital on the psychiatric unit.

Dr. Joe Pelicer MD

Joe has practiced emergency medicine for the past fifteen years at Providence Saint Peter Hospital, a large community hospital in Olympia, Washington. In addition to his clinical duties there, he teaches the residents that rotate through the ER. As the medical director for the county’s Medic One program, he also teaches and supervises an excellent group of paramedics. 

Dr. Pellicer started his career as a family physician in Seattle, Washington. As a consultant to UNICEF in the East African country of Uganda in 1987, he conducted research and designed teaching materials about the AIDS epidemic. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and has served as a medical advisor on several international expeditions. Dr. Pellicer has expertise in both high-altitude and diving medicine, and he is working on his first novel.

Joanne Osband MA ATR

Joanne is a kind and masterful guide for assisting others to discover the gifts that live within us. As an art therapist she invites the exploration of the creative process through art media to foster awareness and insight. 

Art therapy is a psychoeducational therapeutic intervention that focuses upon art media as primary expressive and communicative channels. 

Joanne has spent 20 years as an art therapist, school counselor, and consultant with school districts in Oregon and Washington as well as having a private practice. More recently she has been an art therapist for the elderly population in nursing homes and a Providence Hospice Comfort Care Therapist. Joanne designs unique workshops for group or individual intent with specific areas of focus using art media. “Artistic expression lies in all of us and requires only a sense of trust and the freedom to allow the flowing for magic to happen.” Please visit Joanne’s personal webpage:


Kirk Erickson

Kirk is the wire editor of The Olympian, a daily newspaper in Olympia, WA, where he has worked for 18 years, selecting national and international news to place in the paper. Prior to that, he worked for USA Today in Washington, D.C., and as a reporter and editor for Title a weekly newspaper in Western Washington. He is a graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in journalism and concentrations in philosophy and history.

He can be reached at: kericson@theolympian.com.

Mohammed Ayub, MD

Dr. Muhammad Ayub is a Family Medicine Physician from Olympia. He works at Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis, taking care of wounded soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. He is active with Veterans For Peace, Rachel Corrie Foundation, Olympia BDS, Green Party, Jewish-Muslim Compassionate Listening Group, Interfaith Works, Camp Quixote Homeless Tent city and the Islamic Center of Olympia. While he is not busy building bridges in the community, he enjoys gardening, yoga, Tai-Chi, silent retreats and movies.

Rabbi Seth Goldstein

Rabbi Seth Goldstein joined Temple Beth Hatfiloh in Olympia, WA in 2003, after graduating from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia.  Originally from Pomona, NY, Rabbi Goldstein holds a BA in Government from Wesleyan University and an MA in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and worked in journalism before entering the rabbinate.

Dr. Leticia Neito

Recently named Outstanding Faculty of the Year at St. Martin’s College, Dr. Nieto brings an innovative approach to her training and facilitation work. She draws on expressive techniques to involve participants deeply and provide opportunities for them to open to insight and change. She has successfully brought her skills to higher education and other learning communities, to service providers in helping agencies, to workplace teams, and to many community groups.

Leticia has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1983, and is involved in training counselors as a core member of the faculty of the Saint Martin’s College Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program in Olympia, Washington. As a teacher, consultant, and student services professional, Leticia has been associated with a number of higher education institutions on the Pacific coast of the U. S. and in Mexico. Leticia earned a B.A. in theatre and psychology, an M.A. in human development, and a Psy.D. in clinical psychology. Her areas of specialty include developmental psychology, expressive and arts therapies, psychodrama, sociodrama, anti-oppression, and cultural awareness in counseling.

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