Workshop Agenda

Triumphing Over Trauma:  Perspectives from Jung, Culture, Heart Work, and International Trauma Treatment

Saturday, Oct. 13th 2012, 6 CEUs, at Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia, WA, main building, the 200 Rooms

John Van Eenwyk Ph.D., Heesoon Jun Ph.D. and Steve Macuk, Ph.D.

8:00- 8:30am Registration

Breakfast food/drinks available by 6:30am in Cafeteria, same floor as workshop

8:30 – 10:00am  John Van Eenwyk, Ph.D.

Traumatic experiences leave their mark outside conscious cognition, with the result that the after-effects of traumatic experiences can overwhelm the ego.  In this presentation, we’ll look at the physiology of traumatic experiences, the recurring dynamics they generate, and techniques to reduce the severity of post-trauma symptoms.

  1. Physiology:  brain development and activity utilizing paradigms established by Psychodynamic models, particularly that of Analytical Psychology (Jungian).

  2. Symptoms of Trauma:  particularly hypervigilance, hyperarousal, and flashbacks.

  3. Treatment protocols:  using Active Imagination to re-integrate aspects of the personality that have become split off from the ego due to traumatic experiences.

10:00 – 10:30am     BREAK

10:30 – 12:00pm   Steve Macuk, Ph.D.

Therapists often find clients troubled in their present day lives by trauma endured years, if not decades, ago.  It is as if a traumatized part of the client entered a time capsule that traveled with the client, only to open up periodically to disrupt the client’s life today.  Depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, self-injurious behaviors and relationship instability all too frequently can result from this unresolved trauma.

Heart-Centered Time Travel (HCT) offers therapists a strength based, client led, and often brief path to emotional healing.  Workshop attendees will learn the essential aspects of this model, client exercises and readings, and be able to use HCT to help clients resolve trauma.

12:00 – 1:00pm    LUNCH (Cafeteria, which has tables if you bring your lunch)

1:00 – 2:30pm   Heesoon Jun, Ph.D.

Trauma affects the whole personality (body, mind, and spirit).  It shatters a person’s identity (dominant identity, multiple identities, and their intersections) and alters a person’s thinking, feeling, an behaving.  Treatment requires a holistic approach that examines the impact of culture or society (macro), institutions (meso), and family (micro) on the person before and after trauma. 

By exploring thinking styles (i.e., hierarchical, linear, dichotomous, and holistic), implicit learning, automatic activation of information processing, systemic privilege and oppression, internalized privilege and oppression, and generalizations, a therapist may assist a client to integrate and contextualize traumatic memories into autobiographical memories.  The workshop will also discuss the importance of incorporating creative expression with verbal expression to heal the whole person.

2:30 – 3:00pm    BREAK

3:00 – 4:30pm    John Van Eenwyk, Ph.D., Steve Macuk, Ph.D., Heesoon Jun, Ph.D.

Concluding remarks/activities from individual presenters.

Presenter panel discussion, Q&A with workshop participants.

4:30  CEU certificates distributed.