Workshop Overview

Triumphing Over Trauma:  Perspectives from Jung, Culture, Heart Work, and International Trauma Treatment

Oct. 13th 2012, 6 CEUs, at Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia, WA, main building, the 200 Rooms

John Van Eenwyk Ph.D., Heesoon Jun Ph.D. and Steve Macuk, Ph.D.

Trauma treatment takes many forms. Everyone is traumatized to some extent. Confounding treatment is that some who experience the worst traumas survive relatively intact, while some who experience minor traumas are deeply wounded. Even more difficult are patients who have been deeply traumatized but whose trauma was a chronic and subtle type rather than the one-incident variety. Such patients often do not even realize that they’ve been traumatized.

In this workshop, we will consider the challenges of trauma treatment and look at how the mind, body and spirit react to trauma. We will explore the treatment of lingering effects of trauma through understanding the role of ingrained and implicit cultural, institutional, and familial values.  We’ll consider symptoms and how they suggest possible therapeutic approaches through creative expression; expression such as active imagination, drawing, expressive writing, narrative movement, and heart-centered time travel. In this way, we will propose several ways in which treatment can engage past traumatic events--known and unknown--as present dynamics, offering thereby the opportunity to re-do the past.

After costs, all proceeds from this workshop will be donated to Olympia’s The Crisis Clinic, SafePlace, Pizza Klatch (Local Community Resources - Region 8), and the International Trauma Treatment Program.

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