Ayman Nijim


Ayman Nijim is our visiting practitioner from Gaza City, Palestine. Ayman received his Bachelor of Translation degree from Al-Mustansiriyah University in Iraq in 2005. He currently works as a Program Coordinator for Afaq Jadeeda Association, located in Nousairat in the Gaza Strip.

 Ayman created and supervises “Let Them Play and Heal,” a program providing psychosocial support for children through drama, song, laughter, and dance. He additionally manages women’s classes for traumatized children (in conjunction with other organizations).

Ayman helps obtain funding through grants for four diverse programs, including water filtration systems, children’s trauma treatment, emergency financial relief for refugees, and scholarships for orphans. He coordinates with international visitors, providing research and training sessions with local participants. He further organizes recreational activities between multiple schools and organizations, allowing constructive competition and a safe environment for these children. Ayman seeks to expand the program’s capacities and obtain a more comprehensive and multicultural understanding of trauma on the human psyche. In his spare time, he enjoys spending the day with his wife Samah, daughter Malak, and son Kareem. He is also an avid reader.