About Us

ITTP  makes a unique and essential contribution to the healing of populations from the effects of torture, war traumas and natural disasters.  Since its inception, our philosophy of training utilizes a  cooperative approach between students and faculty.  We collaborate, not indoctrinate.  We encourage our counterparts overseas to draw upon the resources in their home countries to generate training and treatment programs specific to their circumstances.  We share with them those theories and practices that have been derived from our culture as examples of what might be developed from theirs.  We also encourage them to examine their own personal experiences to further their understanding of those they are helping. 

As increasing numbers of practitioners worldwide develop evermore highly effective treatments for complex trauma, those who seek to debilitate entire populations through war and torture are undermined.  Consequently, ITTP  addresses the root causes of complex trauma while improving methods for its treatment. 

Practitioners who attend our program thus become innovators, able to design unique programs to address the specialized needs of diverse groups and individuals.  Moreover, practitioners are trained by the ITTP  to adapt their ideas and programs to people’s needs as situations change.  Thus, as methods of inflicting complex trauma become ever more sophisticated, so do our efforts to undo its effects.